Android Vs iOS


Android is an open source mobile operating system developed by Google, It is a based on Linux kernel. It used in smartphones, tablet, television, auto, wear etc. Android was first developed by Android Inc in October 2003 which was bought by Google in 2005. Its initial release was on September 23, 2008, and it is available in 100+ languages. At present Android have the major market share than any other operating system. Nexus is the flagship product of Google where all the latest updates will be available first.


iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. It supports only for its hardware and it’s a closed operating system. This operating system is used for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. iOS is the second most popular mobile operating system. It was first released on June 29, 2007. It’s available in 40 languages.

Difference between Android and iOS


Android is developed by Google

iOS is developed by Apple

Source Code

Android is  open source code

iOS is closed source code


In Android almost very thing is customisable

In iOS customization is limited

App Store

Android app store is known as Play store

iOS app store is known as Apple app store

File Manager

In Android file manager is easy

In iOS file manager is not available.

Battery Life

Android has a better battery life than iOS

Third-party app store

Android support third-party app store but iOS doesn’t


iOS has a better security than Android


Android support widgets but iOS doesn’t


Android comes with few prebuilt apps from googles like hangout, chrome, maps, and googles now

iOS comes with prebuilt apps like iMessage, FaceTime, Siri, Mobile Safari, and Apple Maps.


Android device is cost effective but iOS is costly


In Android update are often delayed due to the each company using different customised version of the operating system

In iOS we will get timely updates for the device and also for the older ones, because of this security fixes are also updated. 

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