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blog post vs page

As a  newbie, we usually find it difficult to differentiate between a blog post and a page. The reason for it is, it looks similar so the fresher will get confused, but when we take a closer look we will come to know they are different. So we will get confused as to what to use, whether a blog or post. It is better to understand the difference between the two first. So that we will be in a better position to decide which of the two needs to be created thereby reduces confusion in future.


The blog is also a type of website. It is originated from Web log (Web log =blog).  It will be updated on a regular basis. The crawler will be crawling it more frequently than a website. A blog can be used within a website to enhance it further. The post will usually be more informal and will be using simple language so as to make the viewpoint clearer to the people who are reading it.  Nowadays days creating a blog has become very easy because of the WordPress, bloggers etc.

The blog will appear in the reverse chronological order, i.e. latest blog post will be appearing first followed by the rest. It also contains the date at which it was posted and the commenting area where people can express their views,  Sometimes it will turn out to be a discussion between people. If the author doesn’t  want anyone to make a comment on his post he can disable it. We can set our preference for each blog separately. We can also group the post by category and tags. The older post gets archived in the monthly and yearly basis. Post also gets syndicated through RSS feeds.


A website is a website, it cannot be a blog. A page can be dynamic or static depending on the purpose of the page. A website can also contain blog post. We should always keep the page as a  homepage we cannot keep a particular post as the homepage. A page also contains subpages,i.e, pages are hierarchical in nature.  We can create each page in a different design. It doesn’t have any time frame. Pages don't  have a comment section.

We can create a very complex website like Google, Facebook etc which contain thousand or million of pages to it. It is not included in the RSS feed.

Post Vs Page

  1. Post is timely, but the page is not
  2. Post can be categorized, page is hierarchical
  3. Post gets included in RSS feed, but the page does not.


“All the Apples are Fruits, but all Fruits are not Apples.

All Blogs are Website, but all Websites are not Blog.”

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