Deepak Kanakaraju is hugely renowned as digitaldeepak, one of the top names in India for digital marketing has started a new internship program for the people who aspire to become like him.


This internship program comes with lots of specialties like the mentor himself. In this program, he keenly teaches the interns in-depth about the latest digital marketing trends as well as he gives assignments for the interns to understand better what he teaches. Once the interns successfully complete the assignments, he gives a stipend for them too.

Teaching a particular topic on a webinar then giving an assignment regarding the topics will help the intern to gain deeper knowledge on that particular topic. There is also a saying that when you write it down it gets registered to your mind much faster and also stays along for a long time.

From this one example itself we can understand why he is one of the top digital marketers in India. He knows how to attract customers and sell his product to them.

Now, let us look into highlighted top points from the second batch first class of the internship program which started on 25 February 2020.

Learn earn teach

First, we have to learn, then we have to look at how we can earn from what we have learned. But we will get a better understanding once we start teaching others what we have learned. This is like a cycle that will have to continue in order to become top-notch.


Even though it is an important subject that everyone should know about but often it gets ignored. On attending the first session, I came to realize its importance.

How the debt will increase the money flow in the market, how the country average age will define the spending of the people. For example, India’s average age is 28 so the spending will be more but when the average age reaches 50 spendings will reduce. Deepak has provided us with relevant books, movie recommendations.

Integrated digital marketing

Where the market meets the technology

Digital marketing = Market+ technology



When we start our digital marketing journey it is better to start by choosing a particular niche. Niche is broadly divided into three categories — health, money, and relationship.

Within these three niches, there are many sub-niches. It is always better to choose a niche that is our passion, talent and market demand so that we can be better at it.

Personal brand

It is always better to build a personal brand which will help in the long run

“The best known will always beat the best” This holds very true especially in the digital marketing world.

People are more interested in hearing from people than from some brands. Personal branding will help to close a deal with a client, build our own consulting business and also to become a great influence.


I have been following digitaldeepak for quite some time. I have read his blog post, subscribed to his email newsletters. What inspired me to join this course is that he has own website which deals with digital marketing, he does training and also he runs an agency called PixelTrack. So from this, it’s very clear that he is a person who lives in the world of digital marketing, he knows what he is teaching. Thus, this made me join the course. I hope this course will help me build a bright digital marketing career.


Note: This article is written as part of the digitaldeepak internship program.

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