Parts of Speech

The words in a sentence are divided into various classes or kinds called as Parts of Speech. These classes or kinds help us to understand the use and the work they do in the sentence.

Therefore, they are divided into eight kinds of parts of speech. They are as follows.

  1. A Noun is naming of person, animal, place or thing.

          For e.g.: - Jack carries milk for his cat in the room.

                          Solomon was famous for his wisdom.

  1. An Adjective describes the noun.

         For e.g.: - She is a beautiful lady.

                          The ship sustained heavy damage.

  1. A Pronoun is a word which is used instead of noun or replaces noun

         For e.g.: - Jack is on a leave because he is ill.

                          The men left early as they had an emergency duty.

  1. A Verb is a word which tells or asserts something about the person, place or thing.

           For e.g.: - The boy is swimming in the pool.

                              The sun rises in the east.

  1. An Adverb modifies a verb, adjective or another adverb.

           For e.g.: - He had the food quickly.

                             This mango is very sweet.

  1. A Preposition is a word which is used along with usually before the noun or the pronoun to denote the relation of the noun, pronoun with other parts of the sentence.

            For e.g.: - The boy sits on the mat.

                               I prefer coffee to tea.

  1. A Conjunction is a word which connects words or sentences.

            For e.g.: -Jack and Jill went up the hill.

                             He reached late to office because he was ill.

  1. An Interjection is a word which denotes sudden feeling or emotion or exclamation.

            For e.g.: -  Hurrah! we won the match.

                                Alas! he is no more.


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