An adjective is a word which describes the place, person or thing. Therefore, there are various types of Adjective.

  • Adjectives of Quality
  • Adjectives of Quantity
  • Adjectives of Number
  • Demonstrative Adjective
  • Interrogative Adjective
  • Emphasizing Adjective
  • Exclamatory Adjective


  1. Adjective of Quality or Descriptive Adjectives denotes the quality or kind of person, place or thing. Usually, they answer the question: Of what kind?

                  For E.g.: - Chennai is a large city.

This a Grammar of the English language.

He is an honest man.

  1. Adjectives of Quantity denotes the quantity or measures the thing which is mentioned. Usually, it answers the question: How Much?

                For E.g.: - We have collected enough of rice

Take a great care of your health

He has lost all his wealth.

  1. Adjectives of Number or Numeral Adjectives denotes number or person, place or thing as well as in what order a person or thing stands in. Usually, it answers the question: How Many?

                For E.g.: - The foot has five toes.

There are many paintings displayed in the exhibition.

                                     Most men go out for work.

Sunday is the first day of the week.

  1. Demonstrative Adjective indicates the person, place or thing it refers to. Usually, it answers the question: Which?

              For E.g.: - This person has a grocery store.

                                  These mangoes are sweet.

I hate such things.

           “This” and “That” are used for Singular nouns while “Those” and “These” are used for Plural Nouns.

  1. Interrogative Adjective is those adjectives which are used with nouns in order to question.

                 For E.g.: - What kind of the flower is it?

                                      Which way is safe?

                                      Whose bag is this?

  1. Emphasizing Adjective contains words like “own” and “very” to emphasize the sentence.

                For E.g.: - I saw the accident with my own eyes.

That is the very thing they wanted.

Mind your own business.

  1. Exclamatory Adjective includes exclamation using the word “What” in the sentences.

                For E.g.: - What an idea!

                                     What a perfection in work!

Following are few solved examples of identifying various adjectives in the sentences

  1. A good wine needs no bush.

              Good- Adjective of Quality

              No- Adjective of Quantity.

  1. What time is it?

               What- Interrogative Adjective.

  1. Abdul won the second price.

               Second – Adjective of Number.

  1. There should not be much talk and little work.

               Much and Little - Adjective of Quantity.

  1. Neither party is quite in the right.

               Neither - Adjective of Number.

  1. He was beaten at his own house.

               Own - Emphasizing Adjective

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