A noun is a word that denotes the name of a person, place or thing.

There are four kinds of nouns.

  • Common Noun
  • Proper Noun
  • Collective noun
  • Abstract Noun
  1. Common Noun is a name denoted to every common person, place or thing of same class or kind. It is shared by all categories or groups.

                    For E.g: The child sat on the mat.

                                      The king visited the village.

  1. Proper Noun is the name given to particular person, place or thing. Proper Noun is always written with first letter in bold letter.

                  For E.g:  William Shakespeare was one of the greatest author.

                                     New Delhi is the capital of India.

  1. Collective Noun refers to the collection of persons, place or thing and grouped as one.

                For E.g:  The police dispersed the crowd.

                                  The herd of cattle are grazing in the field.

  1. Abstract Noun refers to the name of the quality, action or state considered apart from the object which it belongs to.

               Quality: - Goodness, kindness, darkness, honesty, bravery etc.

              Action: -Hatred, theft, movement, laughter etc.

              State: - Youth, childhood, boyhood, slavery, sickness, death, birth etc.

      The names of Arts and Sciences are also referred as Abstract Nouns.   E.g.: -Grammar, Music, Physics, Chemistry etc.

              For E.g: Cleanliness is next to godliness.

                                Always speak truth.


     Following are few solved examples of identifying various nouns in the sentences.

  1. We saw a fleet of ships in the harbour.

                 Fleet - Collective noun

                Ships and Harbour - Common noun.

  1. Solomon was famous for his wisdom.

                Solomon - Proper noun

               Wisdom - Abstract Noun

  1. The class is studying grammar.

               Class - Collective noun

               Grammar - Abstract Noun

  1. Nelson is famous for his victory in Trafalgar.

               Nelson and Trafalgar - Proper noun

               Victory  - Abstract noun 

  1. The committee of five members was appointed.

               Committee - Collective noun

                Members - Common noun

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