A preposition is a word that is placed before noun or pronoun indicating the relation of the noun or pronoun with other parts of the sentence.

In some cases, the preposition follows the noun or pronoun.

     For E.g.: -I am fond of music.

The book lies on the table.

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There are four kinds of Prepositions.

  • Simple Preposition
  • Compound Preposition
  • Phrase Preposition
  • Participle Preposition


  1. Simple Preposition are small words that express the relation in of noun or pronoun with space, time and degree

                                                                        Simple table

Simple Preposition

               For E.g.: - A fair little girl sat under the tree.

He was painting on the wall.

The path leads through the woods.

  1. Compound Prepositions are formed prefixing Noun, Adjective or Adverb with Preposition.

                                                                             Compound table

Compound Preposition

               For E.g.: - He hanged the picture above the sofa.

The boy ran across the road.

Is there anybody inside?

Please meet the technician without fail.

The house is beyond the hillock.


  1. Phrase Prepositions are formed by a group of words with the force of single preposition.

                                                     Phrase table

Phrase Preposition

                For E.g.: - On behalf of the staff he attended the conference.

                                    On account of the negligence, the company had to pay more compensation.

                                    With reference to the letter, the books are sent by courier.

                                    By means of trekking rope, he climbed the ladders.

                                    Owing to his prolonged illness, he resigned from his job.

The car is parked in front of the house

  1. Participle Preposition are participles which function as preposition.

                                                         Participle table

Participle Preposition

               For E.g.: - Considering the quality of the product, it is costly.

                                    Respecting your words, the team has departed.

                                    Barring few men, rest appreciated the concept.

                                    Regarding your queries, we have drafted a mail.

                                    During summers, the tourism declines here.

Following are few solved examples

Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions


  1. He was born at a small village in
  2. Besides being fined, he was sent for a trial.
  3. In accordance with your instructions, we have added few more points.
  4. Concerning yesterday’s accident, the police has asked to report the station.
  5. He was stabbed by the robber with a pocket knife.

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