Action speaks louder than words

Synopsis:  The real worth of an individual depends on the quality of the work done by him.

This is an age old proverb with a lot of meaning to it. There are lots of people who love to boast what they are going to do in a very exaggerated manner because it is always easier to talk than actually to do it. It’s very important to understand that if your achievement is worth noticing, people will notice it sooner or later there is no need to boast about it.

Life is full of problems. In order to solve them, one must stop unnecessary preaching and should resort to practical action. A person must be a man of action to succeed in life. The great men of the world were a man of actions. They did not waste their precious time in giving long preaching and advice. Instead, they practiced what their conscience had directed them to do and thus become models for others. They preached only what they could practice.

We can take the example of a great many leaders who are known for the action like Gandhiji, Abraham  Lincoln etc,  whose action speaks beyond words. In the same manner, if you’re a good student then simply saying that I will come 1st in class is not enough, you should come first in the class once you have come first in the class then there is no need in telling anyone because one way or the other it will be known.

Follow your dreams and try to achieve whatever you desire, your action will definitely speak louder than words. A person’s fame and name depend on the good deeds that he has done during his lifetime.

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