A bad workman quarrels with his tools

Synopsis: Our success does not depend on what kind of tools we use but how we use them.

A person who is having the best equipment in the world, but he not aware of how to use them will not able to complete the task efficiently, instead, he will blame the tool. Whereas a person completed his work efficiently with the tools available to him can do any work make it a success, because he's not wasting his time by looking at the fault in his tool.

Tools help to improve the quality of the work, therefore they are necessary for the work to be done, but it’s important how they are used and who uses them. A good workman is known by his efficiency in handling his tools. He knows how to put the tools to proper use and he does not blame them.

A bad workman does not know how to make the proper use of his tools, so he quarrels with them. As a result, his quality of the work will be low. Here, he is not ready to accept his own lack of skill and talent.

For this proverb, we can find a lot of examples in our surrounding’s and in a day to day basis. Usually, when a student is not able to write the exam well he will either blame that the question paper was too tough or the teacher has not taught us properly he will never admit he has not prepared well for the exam. Another is if a cricket player couldn’t score well he will blame the bat or the ground for his poor performance.

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