Barking dog seldom bite

Synopsis: The person who talks much or boosts about doing something will never do it because they are weak and lacks courage.

The dog which barks too much will not bite because they lack courage.   They are only trying to frightened people with their bark. There is no need to be afraid of such dogs. But for the dog which barks less, we need to be careful because it will surely bite us.

This is applicable for the human being as well. Those people who talk much are not harmful as they just like to boast about themselves to keep up their false image in front of others. They are weak and not courageous. They are aware of their weakness and are trying to put a false mask of strength in front of themselves and others. But the people with real strength and courage will talk less and will not try to show their strength. They do not waste their time in unnecessary talks and believe more in practice such people should be more carefully considered.

We can take the example of a politician. During the voting campaign, they make lots of promises but once they are elected, they will forget most of the promises and enjoy their term.  When asked about not keeping up with their promises, they will give some lame excuses and escape their duties. Again without any hesitation, they will start their campaign and we can hear a whole lot of new promises during next election campaign and it repeats.

People who talk less are great doers while those who talk too much are like barking dogs.  Dogs of good breed seldom bark, but can attack others skillfully. In the same way, a person who talks less and boasts less can do noble deeds. To relate to the proverb we just need to look around and see it ourselves.

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