A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush

Synopsis: We should be content with what we have and should not become greedy.

The proverb warns us against running after bigger fortunes that we may get in the future, leaving behind the opportunities we have now. A bird which we have got in our hand is more valuable than the one in the bush. The bird in our hand cannot fly away because we have a firm grip on it and can be useful, but it is not the case with the bird in the bush they are free and can fly away at any time. So if we leave the bird in our hand and go behind the birds in the bushes thinking there are two we will end up losing all the birds because we have lost the bird in our hand and in the bush.

We should always try to find happiness in what we have than what we may get in the future. In other words, it is always better to utilize whatever opportunity is at hand than look forward to some other opportunity that may come in future. This proverb holds true in the case of relationship also. Most people will ignore their poor relative, but in a certain situation, this poor relative will help you than your rich relative. So it is foolish to ignore certain people because they are poor.

The story of the King Midas is a very good example. Even though he was having lots of gold and silver with him, still he begged the God for the boon of golden touch so whatever he touches will turn into gold. At last, he will end up losing everything, even his darling daughter to him.

From these, we understood that we should care for what is with us at the moment than running after the false promises and hopes in the future.

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