Birds of a feather flock together

Synopsis: Those with share the similar taste and interest will form the group and can associate each other better.

We often see lots birds flying together in the sky and if we look closer we can see that the birds are of same groups. Birds belonging to the same kind of flocks feed and move together. We can see that the birds like pigeons, parrots, sparrows, crows, swans fly in their groups. We don’t see crows flocking with swans and vice versa.

This true with the human being also because people usually make friends with people of same temperament and aptitudes. It is because people find it easier to make a friend who has same taste and views and has a common interest. They usually form a group and associate with one another. It is easy to get along with the people who share same thoughts.

We can take the example of a school. In school, we all know that the who are very studies will always be eager to fill the first row in the class, but those who sit in the last row of the class will be the naughtiest and this two group of kids we will always be comfortable in their own groups. If we try to mix up these two it will be difficult for them to co-operate.

We can access a person’s character by the company he keeps. If he keeps the company of a drug addict he is sure to become a drug addict himself. As we have seen a doctor, lawyers, business politician prefer the company of their own taste and interest. This type of togetherness can be seen not only in adults but also with the children’s. A brilliant student will keep the friend cycle of the other brilliant students in the same manner kids who are very naughty will always find the company of other kids who are naughty like him. So we can say that the proverb is true to its meaning.

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