Blood is thicker than water

Synopsis: Blood relationship lasts forever.

This is a famous saying according to the proverb blood means kinship and water mean friends or acquaintance. Blood is thicker and endurable than water. The mark made by the blood will not be easily erased but the case with the water is different because it doesn’t leave any lasting mark where it has fallen. The Strong and lasting relationship is formed by the blood because this relationship is formed on by love and affection.

There is good and sincere friendship ready to help us in our needs, but the fact is they can act within their own limits. When a choice comes between choosing a friend or blood relative like mother, father, brother, sister the preference will always be given to a blood relative. That is the strong bond between it. They are ever ready to sacrifice their comfort and interest to help us.

We can take the example brought up of a kid. We all know how much effort will be put up by the parents to bring up their child even they will have to sacrifice a lot of things in the process of bringing up of the kid. They have put up with all these with the intentions of seeing their kid’s bright future. Even we can take the case of the siblings, if they came to know that the other is faces some problem then they will go to any length to save the other. That is the magic in the blood relation which no one can deny it.

The above example we can understand the meaning more deeply. In life, we will have many kinds of relationship throughout our lifetime but nothing last as the blood relation. If we look deeply we can understand that the most unselfish service we got is from our blood relatives. So blood relations are stronger and last longer.

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