A burnt child dreads the fire

Synopsis: People avoid the thing that has hurt them in the past.

We will tell the kids that the fire is dangerous and should not play with it. Often kids will not listen to what we say and when they get an opportunity to touch the fire, they will touch it and will get hurt. Once they got hurt, they will never go near the fire because by now they know that if they touch the fire they going to get hurt.

If a person has a bad experience in their life, it is very difficult to forget it. They will build up a resistance towards it and it will become very difficult to get over it. The lesson we learn from the experience is more effective than learning through books.

We can take a look into an example when a person got drowned while he was a kid then he will develop a fear of the water. This fear even may stop him from swimming ever again in his life or he may need a lot of help in doing the swimming again in his life.

We never forget the things we learned ourselves. We commit many mistakes in our lives. The experience that we have gained from our mistakes will help us to avoid them in future. We will be very careful not to repeat the same mistake. An experience is a sort of warning and we will surely learn from it.

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