Charity begins at home

Synopsis:  Any good act of charity must begin from one’s own environment.

Charity is a kind act which is giving help to the needy which is one of the most desirable quality in anyone. It is referred to as the love and sympathy one has for others. One of the important thing which should be taught to a child is to love his own near and dear ones. This is going to enable him to love his fellow men in future. But this should be first taught by helping the family members who are in need.

There are certain people who will contribute well to charitable institutions, but pay little attention to their own families. So this proverb explains to us that any act of goodness should have a solid foundation and this can be achieved from our own house or the surrounding. When we preach something to others only the thing we practice otherwise it’s a hypocrisy to preach other which we do not practice.

Let’s take an example, we also say that there is corruption in our country and it’s a bad thing so need to oppose it. But when we are placed in the position of authority then we cannot resist the temptation of the corruption means then there is no point in the saying it. So, we say that whatever we preach to others we should first embrace it ourselves, so in the same manner, charity should also begin from home.

So, we should remember that charity is a noble deed but if it begins from our own home and surrounding makes it much greater. We should always remember that the world judges us by action not by word.

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