Coming events cast their shadow before

Synopsis: The events that are going to happen gives us certain sign before they occur.

In the ancient days itself, people start interpreting the good and bad omen as the sign which would be taking place before the actual event. They regarded certain unnatural happening as the sign of certain calamities which were about to happen. When we closely watch our own life we can understand this is true because before some major thing happens there sure to have some sign before it. We call it as omens.

The natural calamities are first understood by the animals. If we watch them carefully we will understand it because they will start showing the sign before the event appears. This ability is there for both the domestic and wild animals. By making some peculiar sounds or different actions they will try to warn the human being about the events which are going to happen.

We can take the example of the play “Julius Caesar”. In this play before the assassination of Julius Caesar several bad omens will appear like blood rain in the Capital city, Ghost walked on the streets of Rome and an Owl was seen sitting in the market place during the day.

So from the above example, we can understand that some evil that is likely to appear will forecast their shadow by some evil omens. Thus the proverb means that the events that are to take place make themselves known to us by certain signs and symptoms.

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