Empty vessel makes the most sound

Synopsis: We should never waste our precious time and energy towards a person who only talks without any action.

An empty vessel makes much noise when struck with something, but a filled vessel will not make much noise. There is an inner meaning to this proverb. There are many people around us like the vessel in that some will be empty and some are full. In case of a person, it is very easy to make out which is an empty vessel and filled vessel.

Empty vessel refers to an empty-headed people who are talkative and noisy. They will be speaking continuously, but their speeches are meaningless. They boast with their speech but no action will be taken. Such people are not taken seriously. Filled vessel refers to the people who talk less and do more. Since their talk is filled with action, people will take them seriously. Their talk of sensible words, carry lots of importance.They won’t boast, but they are capable doing whatever they say. They talk only when it is necessary because they believe in action than in words.

A man who has only a little knowledge boasts that he is a scholar whereas a really profound scholar would not boast of his scholarship. The real scholar’s scholarship is known to others through his words and actions. So, it says that the empty vessel makes much noise.

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