Every cloud has a silver lining

Synopsis: Nothing in our life remain permanent throughout our life.

Sometimes we see a dark cloud in the sky, but if we look closer, then we can see that their edges have a sunlit white. So, this silver lining of the cloud tells us that the sun is somewhere behind the clouds and the sky will not remain cloudy for a long time. They will disappear soon and the sky will be clear with sunlight. So, like the cloud misfortunes and the sorrows are temporary in our life

Sorrows are followed by happiness. When there is a shadow, then the light is definitely nearby. We know that night is followed by day and day is followed by night. So, from this, we can understand that nothing is permanent. Behind every grief and pain, there is a silver thread of joy and happiness. Joys and sorrow are part of life, so we should never lose hope in the days of sorrow. Sometimes certain calamities and sorrow may be a blessing in disguise.

Let’s take an example; The Indo-China war of 1962, India had lost this war to China. So soon after the war India started giving more attention to modernizing the defense weapons, as a result, gaining much strength in the defense of the country. Through this example, we find that the calamities, sorrow and pain, in fact, make us grow stronger in our life and make us strong to face further misfortune in a much better way. Only when a man goes through the difficulties in life, he becomes a complete man. This proverb tells us to be optimistic in life because nothing is permanent in life.


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