A friend in need is a friend indeed

Synopsis: It tells us about the sincerity and the worth of a friend.

A true friendship can be judged only during the time of a crisis. A person who stays with you during your trouble is your true friend. A man will have a number of friends when he is living a prosperous life. But many of these friends won’t be there when he is in adversity. The person who remains with him during his crisis, we should never forget those people because they are very important in our life.

A true friendship is worth a 1000 false friendship. It’s not the number that matter, but the sincerity. So when we are choosing a friend’s we should be very wise. True friends are someone with whom we can share our joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure. They will have full confidence in each other. They are a blessing and an angel in disguise. He will be very open and plain with you and will not flatter. He will not hesitate to stop you from your wrongdoing.

A selfish person will always be full of words, but poor in deeds. He does not love you, but he loves your richness. If you give a loan to such a man, you will lose both the loan and the friendship. Such a people are a curse and a devil in your life. We should be very careful with such people because we will not know when they will backstab you.

Lucky is a man who has a true friend in his life – a friend in need and adversity.

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