An idle brain is the devil’s workshop

Synopsis: We should not sit idle, then our mind while becomes a devil’s workshop

Man brain is a workshop. It is the most important gift man has received from his creator. All the wonderful thing we see around are made by a man with this wonderful brain. As all the things have a positive and negative effect so is our brain, with our brain we are able to do the most constructive and destructive thing. It is said that when a person is idle while start thinking all the unnecessary thing, this thinking will turn into words and words into action. So it is always better to keep your mind busy so that we will not turn into an evil thing. Idling is a very dangerous thing.

We take the example of murderers, murdering a person is the evilest, why they are doing it because they don’t have any constructive things to do. If they have kept themselves busy this murder would not have happened in our societies, Because of this murder, so many families are getting affected. Let’s take a look at another example of a thief. He is a person who makes a living stealing the other person wealth and money. So instead of spending time making a master plan to steal he can utilize this time to get a work make a living out of it. Nowadays we see many youngsters go astray because they don’t do any anything constructive.

Keeping one’s mind idle is dangerous not only for a person but also for the society. It always better to engage in some useful activities. As our body need food so is our brain but we should be careful enough to check what kind of food we are feeding. If we feed it with positive thoughts then we will have a peaceful life but if we are feeding it with negative thought then we will get ruin.

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