A little learning is a dangerous thing

Synopsis:  We have to be perfect in whatever knowledge we gather.

This proverb warns us about the people who have only half knowledge about a particular thing, but they act as if they know everything.  Such people will mislead people and often it will end up in disaster because this gives him the false notion that he knows everything. Throughout our life, we will be acquiring knowledge, but our excellence lies in perfecting it. We have to update on a daily basis.

We can take the example of a doctor if the doctor doesn’t have a proper knowledge can be dangerous for his patient because his diagnosis is wrong or prescription is not correct means it can take the life of his innocent patient who believed his advice.  An assistant of a doctor who has been working with him for sometimes thinks he knows everything because he has seen a doctor doing the operation and go ahead and did the operation, then the patient would have to pay a  huge price for it. The little knowledge of the assistant on the subject made the patient pay the price.

We can even take the example from our daily life. If we try to repair our car assuming,  we know all the functions of the car. We are adamant to repair it, but if anything goes wrong just because we have been driving for some years like occasionally changing the tyre which is not a good idea it will only ruin our car.

So it’s better to understand and have a good knowledge about a subject before we try to experiment with it. Imperfect knowledge is a curse to mankind. We must understand that knowledge we know is very little compared to what we don’t know. So instead of being proud and haughty about it, we should dedicate ourself to acquire knowledge as much as we can.

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