A Rolling stone gathers no moss

Synopsis: Steadiness of purpose is key to success.

A stone that remains in one place for a long time gets covered with moss. But a stone that rolls constantly does not gather any moss. The same can be applied to a person, he who changes his place, profession or course of study, does not gain any experience or knowledge. Whatever be his capabilities he will take the time to establish his reputation and win people’s confidence in a new place.

We can take the example of a family who shifts their residence frequently, even though they will know many people and see many places. But they will never have a good relationship with the neighbor. They and their kids will not have any constant friends and neighbors to know and love them. Even the kids need to be in one place for quite some time to develop their social skills. Even it can affect their education. Such a person will not have any affinity to anyone or anything.

Like a settled stone which is covered in moss and makes it soft and beautiful, a man who is settled in life gets people to love and to be loved. Similarly, a person who frequently changes his occupation will not gain a steady and establish position. A person who lacks determination does not stick to anything. He roams around the world aimlessly. If a student keeps changing his course of study from maths to literature, then to painting and so on will never acquire a thorough knowledge of anything.

We must have a specific aim and needs to work for it constantly no matter what the difficulties arrive. Because problems are part of life we can never run away from it. Those who stand and fight for it will always win in their life. We should always remember running is not an option, if we start running from the difficulties then whole life we will have to run.

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