As you sow, so shall you reap

Synopsis: We have to bear the consequence of our own action.

It is one of the famous sayings and it has got lots of meaning to it. As it states whatever we do we will get it back in the same manner. If we are doing good in return we also get good things, but if we do bad we will be getting bad in return. So before we do something we need to be very careful about it. After doing something and expecting an opposite result will not do anything. One is punished or rewarded according to his own just and unjust deeds.

We can take the example of a farmer. A farmer who sows good seed in the proper way on good soil and takes care of it properly can expect a good harvest. But another farmer who sowed an inferior crop on an unprepared ground cannot expect a good harvest and complaining about it after will not help him in any manner because, in order to have a good harvest ground should be prepared well, seed should be of good quality. This is true for all our actions and words.

Kind words spoken to others will bring us kind words from many. When we do evil things, we can expect only the evil reward.  If we look into our surrounding itself, we can see that a hard working person will attain success in his life, while a lazy person will have to face failure in life. If a student study well, he will get high marks and will able to get a good job. But if he was lazy and didn’t study well then he will fail not only in the exam but also in the life as well.  Thus, this proverb gives us a warning that we should be very careful in our action.

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