A stitch in time saves nine

Synopsis: Timely action is very important in life.

An action, however, small may be taken at the right time can help us in avoiding any serious or dangerous situation in the future. We should never delay thing thinking that it can wait nothing is going to happen because we may never know how the thing will turn out. If we have a small tear in our shirt and if mend it right away, then we can avoid a big tear or be throwing the shirt altogether.

Let’s take a look at some example from our daily itself.  If we get a fever we should immediately see a doctor, but instead of it if we sit in in the home then after some time it may turn out to be very severe and will have to be hospitalized, so instead, it’s better to take action immediately. If we find a hole in the boat then it must be repaired it as soon as possible otherwise it may eventually sink the boat and people on board will get drowned because of our negligence.

When a disagreement starts with someone it better to take action on the spot otherwise it may get out of control and may spoil the relationship even family ties. We can look into our history can see what world war 1 and 2 have done to us. It is always better to get the thing settled before it gets out of our hands. The proverb emphasizes that we must never postpone things. We must rise to the occasion and act at the right moment.

A small piece of work done at the proper time may save a lot of time, work and money later. A decision taken at a right time can help us smooth thing up in our present and future life. We should never delay thing, however small it may seem now.

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