Data Interpretation

Data interpretation means explaining with reference to the facts, figures etc. provided. The data could be in the form of a table, graph, percentage, pie chart, histogram etc.

Data given should be interpreted and formed into a paragraph of 100 words. The paragraph should be formal and relevant.

For example

The pie-chart shows the expenditure of Mr. Mebbin’s family. Interpret the data in 100 words.


The pie-chart shows that Mr. Mebbin’s family spends about 50% of the entire income on food and rent. It seems they reside in a big town where rent and food are costly. Money seems to be spent much on clothing which is almost incomparable with rent paid. An equitable amount is spent i.e. transport (18%) and on entertainment (10%). The most crucial aspect of the family is that they have very few savings that turn up to 5% of the income. It would definitely be unsafe for future. Measures should be taken to reduce the expenses to increase the saving. Mr. Mebbin could reduce their expenditure on clothing so that it would be possibly increase saving.

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