A description writing is a compilation of objective, factual, relevant piece of writing which may be about any object or person or an event in a sequential form.


#Brief and eye-catching heading

#Describe only the objective and facts

#Heading should be written in bold letters

#Topic should be concluded properly

For example

Describe a ceiling fan in 100 words

                                      A CEILING FAN

The ceiling fan is the most common electronic thing used in most homes. It is mostly used during summers. The inner part is basically made of iron and external body is made of plastic. When electrically charged, the motor rotates round and round.  There are 3 to 4 blades attached to it. These blades circulate air cooling the place in the terrible heat. A regulator is provided to manage its speed. Usually, the ceiling fan is fixed with a hook. It is reasonably priced and affordable by a common man. We can find it in 3 different sizes; 36”, 48” and 56”.


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