Dialogue Writing

The word Dialogue is of Greek origin which is a conversation between 2 and more people. Dialogues are common in day to day life. So whenever we opt to write any dialogue, we need to make it realistic and genuine.


#be relevant and realistic

#Stick to the topic given

#Proper use of grammar and punctuation

#Word limit should be followed

For example

Write a dialogue between two friends- Ron and Nike on the topic “Who is more important- Doctor or Engineer?”

Ron: Engineers lay the foundation for the future of the country, aren’t they?

Nike: They might lay the foundation but the health sustains its longevity.

Ron: Engineers invent new equipment’s and technology which the doctors can easily use

Nike: Doctors treat deadly diseases. The engineers and their families are taken care when they are sick.

Ron: Engineers have come first and always paved suitable and convenient conditions for the doctors to work out in any situation

Nike: Becoming the first in doesn’t mean they are superior. Health is more important than anything on earth.

Ron: Aren’t both equally important?

Nike: Yes, I do agree with you.

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