Diary Entry

 Usually, Diary writing is the personal way of composing one’s thoughts and emotions in a friendly tone. Sometimes it is addressed as Dear Diary

The Classic Diary written by ANNE FRANK named “The diary of a young Girl” is the typical example which provides the details of Second World War on life and its atrocities.


#Day and Date should be written on the left-hand corner.

#Time should be mentioned

#Salutation like Dear Diary could be written

#Content should be rigid, formal and in a friendly tone

For Example

You received an old friend who returned after six years in Dubai. Write Diary Entry

Monday, 12 April 2017


Dear Diary

I was immensely excited to receive my dear friend, Sam, after a long gap of six years. He is employed with a good firm in Dubai. Though he worked there yet his love for his loved ones has brought him back. We had a long chat in the Coffee Day shop. He discussed the atrocities he faced for employment being a foreigner in another country. He gifted me an imported watch as well.



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