E-Mail Writing

E-Mail is a type of letter writing which is sent via internet. Since the internet is terrifically speedy so we could send a message to several people at once too. It is also categorized into formal and informal with a slight difference.


#From email address is added

# Date and time should be written below

#To email address added

#CC is carbon copy is copying to different address whom you to need to know.

#Subject should be written short and relevant.

# Abbreviation should not be used

# Should not use CAPITAL LETTERS.

For example

  1.  Write email to the municipality complaining regarding irregular roads and potholes in the city’

From                           xz@gmail.com

Date                           12 April , 2017        12:07:30

to                                chairmanmunicipalcorporation@gmail.com

Subject                       Complaint upon irregular roads


I, xz, being a resident of our locality would like to aware you regarding the difficulties being faced due to irregular roads. There have been several fatal accidents because of it.

A month ago before the rains, the roads were tarred but it is alarming to see the roads are filled with water laden potholes. These holes cause lots of hurdles for the commuters to travel through this road. Moreover water, logged potholes has been a breeding ground of mosquitoes. Thus we can find that there are absolute chances of disease outbreak.

Therefore I request again to kindly send people to inspect and sort the issue at the earliest.

Looking forward to a favorable action,

Yours faithfully,



  1. B) Write an email to your uncle describing about the new hostel. You are Nike/ Naomi.

From                          nike@gmail.com/naomi@gmail.com

Date                           12 April , 2017        12:07:30

to                                Johnsequera@gmail.com

Subject                       New Hostel

Dear Uncle,

I hope you and aunt are keeping good in health. I was glad in receipt of your letter yesterday.

I want to inform you that I have shifted into hostel as it was difficult for me to travel a long distance daily. I will describe the details.

The College has provided separate hostels for girls and boys. In our hostel there, are around 22 rooms accommodating 4 in each room. I have 3 roommates of which two of them are my seniors and rest one studying with me. Our hostel has fixed timetable for food. Morning at 8 they provide breakfast, 12:30 lunch and 4pm tea/coffee snacks and at 8pm dinner. there is an entertainment hall for indoor games.  We have a small library within it for reference books and study materials too. The hostel life is good as it imparts discipline and decorum within each. Recently we had celebrated Hostel Day where we had several performances, sumptuous food and lots of entertainment. I visit home during weekends and study leaves.

Kindly visit my hostel whenever you find time. I hope to see all during the next vacation. Convey my regards to elders.

Yours loving niece/nephew,

Nike/ Naomi


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