A message is a short piece of information which is transferred to the person in his absence. It is written in brief and informal way.


#The outline of the box should be drawn with a pencil.

#Address should not be written.

#The word “message” should be written in capital letters.

#Time and Date should be mandatorily written

#Brief salutation should be written. For e.g.; Robin/Sir (Need not write Dear)

#Content should be brief and not more than 50 words.

#At the conclusion name or signature should be done

For example

John had a conversation with a client who wanted to talk to his boss Mr. David. As John had an urgent meeting, he had left a message. Write a message in 50 words following the conversation.

Mr. Sam: Hello, May I speak to Mr. David?

John: I am sorry; he has gone out for a meeting. He won’t be back before 3 pm. May I assist you?

Mr. Sam: yes, please. I am Mr. David from Graphics and Designers Company. I would like to meet and discuss the new project and offers regarding the same. Could you arrange a meeting with him?

John: Mr. Sam would be available at his office tomorrow. You could at 10 am preferable. Shall I confirm your meeting?

Mr. Sam: yes, it would be fine, thank you


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