Notice is a short composition of the description of any event, celebration, invitation which is usually displayed on a board.


# Draw a box using a pencil as the content should be written within.

# The name of the organization or the institution should be written in bold letters

#It should be followed immediately by the word NOTICE

# On the left end of the word notice Date should be written

# Below the word NOTICE, Heading should be written

#Must be precise i.e. Around 50 words only

# It should contain the details answering questions like WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY.

#Conclude the content with the Signature, Name and Designation of the writer.

For Example

You are John or Janet, Head Boy or Head Girl of ABC Public School, Delhi. Your school has decided to conduct inter- class drawing competition. Draft a notice, in not more than 50 words, mentioning the details of the competition and inviting the participants.



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