Speech is an informal addressing of any discussion of topics to the audience. The topics given should be written keeping an audience in mind.


#Beginning sentences should have greetings addressing the listeners

#Topic also should be announced in the introduction in the first paragraph.

# Second paragraph unfolds the main content which should have logical views, arguments for or against, facts and figures etc.

# Third paragraph should wind up the speech by summing up the entire content.

#Lastly concludes with a note of hope, warning or invitation.

#Do not forget to add thank you at the end.

For example

 You have been asked to write a speech on” Promotion of tourism” on the event of celebrating tourism day in tour club.

Respected Chief Guest and fellow club members.

On this tourism day, I would share my views and opinion regarding promoting tourism in our country. We are part of a country which has a rich cultural heritage, extreme biodiversities and of historical importance. For the past few years, we are able to find an increase in tourism in large numbers. The government has taken appropriate measures to support tourism.

Our country has several attractive tourist spots which invite people all around the world. The famous tourist spots are instructed to maintain its serenity. There are many historical places of importance which requires much of development to attract the public. Our club also has arranged several tour packages for beautiful destinations. The government is enhancing various creative ideas for promoting tourism in various parts of our country. Various amusement parks, beautifying the garden, cleaning various places of interest, conserving and preserving wildlife and ecosystem are the various steps initiated. Thereby it has given a pathway for various companies to grab the opportunity.

I would conclude my words with a hope that our country should be the best place for inviting tourists from all over the world.

Thank you.

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