Story Writing

Story writing is an ability to present a story out of our own creative thoughts and imaginations. the language used should be easily understood without much grammatical errors. The story could be real or imaginary.


# Need to prepare an outline of the story or use the outline given

# Should not have grammatical errors

#Should be precise and natural

#Write moral if necessary

#Provide an eye catchy heading

 For example

Write a story beginning with the following line.

“The boy survived from drowning …………………………….”

                                                         Lone Survivor

The boy survived from drowning in the deep floods due to incessant rains for the past on week. He seemed to of ten years old. He was immediately in the private hospital nearby. Fortunately, he escaped from serious injury. The police were summoned to carry about further investigation.

On questioning him about his whereabouts, we came to know his name was Sashi. His village is located near the Hirakud Dam in Odisha. The village population was around two hundred. Now it was alarming to know that none of them survived except the little boy. Sashi said that he was at school when five huge gates of the dam were opened. Prior to the opening of gates, the announcement was made and requested all to evacuate the village for safer places. People did not make much heed to this public announcement. they all decided to be at their homes and assumed that water won’t reach their homes. Arrogantly all denied leaving their respective homes. Even they had sent their kids to school. The boy told us that his family consisted of his parents and a little sister. The innocent bot enquired about his family. It is very unfortunate that we are at an unanswerable situation. Now the boy is taken care by Child Care NGO.

Natural calamities don’t wait for anyone. When measures are taken to be safe we should abide and follow so that we could be well secured. Had the villagers evacuated listening to the pronouncement, they would have been secured from this catastrophe.

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