Swapping of two numbers

In this program, we will take two numbers get them swapped using the swap logic.

Let take the value of a = 10 and b = 20 after swapping of two numbers we will get a =20 and b = 10


Steps to write Swapping of two numbers are:

Step 1: Get two values from users

Step 2: Use the swap logic to swap the numbers

Step 3: Display the output of the swapped numbers


Class swap


     public static void main(String args[])       // Main method


       int num1, num2;                                      // We can assign only integer values to num1,num2

       num1= Integer.parseInt(args[0]);       // It will take the Integer value

       num2= Integer.parseInt(args[1]);      // It will take the Integer value


       System.out.println(“ Before swapping”);

       System.out.println(“ Number 1:” +num1);

       System.out.println(““ Number 2:” +num2”);


       // Swap logic

       num1= num1+num2;

       num2= num1-num2;

       num1= num1-num2;


       System.out.println(“After swapping”);

       System.out.println(“ Number 1:” +num1);  // Displaying the no after the swapping

       System.out.println(““ Number 2:” +num2”);





So now let explain the program

Let assign integer value to num1 and num2

num1 = 10

num2 = 20

Now let apply the swap logic given in the program

Step1: num1 = num1 + num2

             num1 = 10 +20

           So now the num1 value will become 30


Step2: num2 = num1 - num2

             num2 = 30 – 20

            So now the value of num2 is 10

             num2= 10

Step3: num1 = num1 – num2

            num1 = 30 – 10

           Now the value of num1 is 20

           num1 = 20


So after applying the swapping logic in 3 steps we get our values of num1 and num2 swapped

Before swapping values were


num2 =20


After swapping values are


num2 =10


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