The Mysterious Journey of Ghost Ships

We do have an eerie feeling when we learn about ghosts, phantoms etc. It might give a sudden chill to learn about such spooky places. Here we are going to discuss Ghost Ships.

Ghost ship

Ghost ships are not merely ghost ships but are the ships which are sailing without any living crew aboard. It means it looks like a haunted ship sailing in the sea alone. It is absolutely spooky to see it drifting for months and years together. There are many lost ships found drifted along with the wind and some are reported.

Let us have a quick look at some historical evidence of such Ghost Ships.

The Sayo

On 25th February 2016, a battered yacht, Sayo, was spotted floating at the coast of Philippines in the Pacific Ocean by two local fishermen. The main cabin was sunk under water and the food, clothes etc were scattered. The most mysterious thing found was a mummified body. It was the dead body of German sailor, Manfred Fritz Bajorat, who was seated on desk seeming to reach for radio. The autopsy said he had suffered a heart attack a week ago and the body was mummified due to ocean dry salt winds. He had gone missing since 2009 to 2015.

Sayo - Ghost ship

High Aim-6

The vessel High Aim-6 was found in the year January 2003, drifting in the waters of Australian Exclusive Economic zone, without a crew. This ship had left its port Liuchiu, South of Taiwan in October 2002. There was no apparent reason for abandoning the ship. There were no signs of foul activities found. The ship had fuel, provisions and even when the ship was sighted, the motor was working. It is literally mysterious to know that the ship was sailing without denizens and no signs of their whereabouts. Thorough investigations proved that there were seven toothbrushes revealing seven crew members aboard.

 High Aim 6 - Ghost ship


Baychimo is also named as “The Ghost ship of Arctic”. She was abandoned in the year 1931 by the crew members for a short period as it was trapped in the ice. The crew members had sheltered about 2km away from the ship. But the next day Ship was nowhere to be seen. It was found 72 km away from the shore. Few of the crew were retrieved by the aircraft while the rest stayed back.  The crewmen tracked the Ship and vacated the cargo containing fur from the ship and transported by air. There are many sightings of the ship since then. People have been found alighting the ship but to our dismay, they could not traverse further which might be due to bad weather or lack of capacity to sail. She was often found in frozen condition. She was last seen in ice pack form in 1969. Currently, the ship is nowhere to be tracked. In 2006, the Alaskan government has deployed few to solve the mystery of Baychimo, whether it is still afloat or sunk.

Baychimo - Ghost ship

Mary Celeste

It is one of the most famous ghost ships ever existed. On 7th  November 1872, Benjamin Briggs, the captain of Mary Celeste ship along with his wife and little daughter, had set to sail from New York to Genoa via the Atlantic Ocean.  There were 8 crews in the ship. Unfortunately, the ship could not reach the destination. The ship was found, without any inhabitants and a lifeboat, but there was ample amount of provisions aboard. Moreover, the ship showed no signs of damage or malfunctions or any fight. The cargo containing denatured alcohol was also undisturbed. It is still a mystery how the ship was abandoned.

Mary Celeste - Ghost Ship

Sea Bird

Sea Bird was another 1750 ghost ship, which was found grounded on the shores of Rhode Island. Primarily it was owned by Isaac Steel. On investigation, it was found that there were no crew members aboard. Even there was boiling coffee on the stove as well as breakfast laid on the table. Moreover, there were no signs of any sort of mishap or violence. One of the weirdest things was that when the investigators boarded the vessel there was a dog and a cat which greeted them happily. Ship’s emergency boat was also nowhere to be seen. Until this day there is no news of the whereabouts of the crew.

Sea Bird - Ghost ship

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