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“Knowledge is wealth”

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The most important skill one should develop in their life is reading. It will offer us lots of information and data about the different topics which in turn can help us become successful in one’s life. Reading different topics help us to understand the things from different perspectives. It is a good exercise for our brain.

The important factor in improving reading is to Read, Read and Read. Unless and until we keep on reading there is no other way to improve your reading. Daily if we invest some amount of time in reading can help us to improve a lot in our life. If we didn’t understand some word, we shouldn’t ignore rather spend a little time in understanding it by referring the dictionary. Daily we should learn one new word and try to apply it in our conversation, writing or wherever it is possible.

It is better to create a reading habit for the children from the beginning itself, which would make them a better person. Parents can read them bedtime stories and try to encourage them to read on their own. The very first thing about the reading we should understand the basics. Ability to classify the alphabets, words, sentences and paragraphs gives a foundation for reading. Once we are through with the basics, we could start reading the easy books from the topics which interest us. This can help us to start reading as a passionate reader by regular reading habit.

Different techniques are:

  • Skimming: In this type, we will get the gist on the topic we read. This type of reading could be with the newspapers or some brochure to get the overall understanding.
  • Scanning: In this type, the reader could just scan through it to see whether it contains the information, they are looking for. The best example for this kind of reading is the telephone directory.
  • Intensive: For this type, the reader would have a topic in mind which he searches. He has full concentration while reading by checking each and every fact very closely related to the topic.
  • Extensive: Here the reader will be engaged in reading for his pleasure. The books like novels, magazines could be kept under this category

Reading is the key to learning

The given below are some ways to improve:

  • Learn a new word each day: Daily learning new, unfamiliar word and understanding the meaning as well as their usage the sentence.
  • Start reading easy books: When we start reading it’s better to choose an easy book with the topics which interests us.
  • Read different genre material: It’s  better not to stick to any particular type of books or topic. Always try different genre material; it would help us to understand different writing styles and vocabulary.
  • Join a library: Visiting a library would help us to find different genre books.
  • Join a book club: A book club would motivate to finish a book, discussing it and understanding it from other’s point of view.

The benefits are:

  • Improve our verbal ability: As we keep up with the reading, the usage of the vocabulary would increase and we would be a better communicator.
  • Better memory and concentration: A person who is a vivid reader would have a high level of memory with a good focus and concentration.
  • Imagination: Another important thing about reading is the imagination. The imagination level would increase because when we read something we imagine it in our mind, which in turn would help us to increase our imagination.
  • Smarter: Reading makes us smarter. Books are the greatest source of information.
  • Person of interest: It would give us an upper hand in the group because we would able to give our viewpoint on the particular topic discussed.
  • Reduce stress:  Reading a book could reduce our stress because it would make us forget about our worries.
  • To know your inner self: Reading would actually give us a sense of understanding about ourselves.
  • Entertainment: The best way to pass our time is to read.

On the whole, we could see that reading is the best habit, one could develop from an early age, which would definitely have a great impact throughout their life.

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