SAP MM - Service Procurement

An organization business process can be completed by acquiring raw materials, manufacturing finished goods and selling finished goods. Apart from that, an organization requires regular maintenance like housekeeping, painting, Hardware service, Air conditioning service etc. Usually, these services are done by third party vendors (external contractors). This comes under service procurement in SAP MM. No inventory is maintained for service procurement.

Following are the important aspects of service management

  1. Service Master Records – It stores all the information related to the service which is to be procured. Model service specification and standard service catalog are available to assist the business need. Service master record is created in T code AC03.
  2. Service Specification –Based on the project need Service specification needs to be created individually for each and every project. Eg: Plant Maintenance, PS network, Purchase order, Service entry sheet. To avoid the manual load, Copy function can be used to create service master and documents from the old ones.
  3. Planned service – In planned service, the nature and scope of the service know prior. Description, Quantity, and value are decided already. During service request, the service specification is entered as short text or with the aid of service master. Eg: House Keeping, Painting
  4. Unplanned service – In unplanned service, the nature and scope of the service are not known. Value limit can only be set. Services may be formed up to the value limit and not be exceeding that. Eg: Air condition breakdown service.

Below is the diagrammatic illustration of Service Procurement in SAP MM

Service Procurement


List of T codes in Service Procurement

S.NoT codesDescription
1AC01 & AC03Service Maser
2MEQ1Quota Arrangement
3ML81 & ML81NMaintain Service Entry Sheet
4ML84List of Service Entry Sheet
5ML85Collective release of Service Entry sheet
6ML33Create Vendor Conditions
7ML45Display Service Condition
8ME2SServices Per Purchase Order
9MSRV6Service List for Entry Sheets
10AC06Service List


T code – AC03

  1. Create Service master with the service description, Unit of Measure.
  2. Service Purchase order with reference to the Service Master. PO can also be created without Service master.
  3. New service will be created with the Basic unit of Measures, Service Category, valuation Class and Service group.


T code – ME21N

  1. The next step in service procurement is service purchase order.
  2. The important field in service procurement is Item Category (D), Short Text, Net Price, Material Group, Plant, Storage location, Account assignment category and Service number in Service tab.


T code – ML81N

The services procured is maintained in Service Entry Sheet.

Compare to normal procurement services differs from goods receipt.

Select PO and maintain the short text and service number and click ON flag button.


Master Data



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