Social Media Boon or Curse

Social Media is a platform for the people to interact with each other and present their opinions and convey their thoughts via virtual communities and networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. Their usage primarily depends upon individual interests. Whether this incredible power of the Social Media is a Blessing or a Bane is a Big  Question. The power of social networks can be something extremely important. The Internet along with social networking websites has given people to invent their own creativity.

Social Media as Blessing

  • Communication between the family and friends who are staying across the world have increased because of social media’s free messaging and calling. Now the people are able to find their childhood friends, connect with them.
  • It is a huge opportunity for the company, especially -The Startups where they had to spend a lot of money on advertising previously. With the sudden outburst of social networking, changed the entire perception, thus they can initiate their business with less cost or no cost at all. Online business gives an opportunity to understand their customer well, even helps to boost their brand name and to reach many people.
  • Now every passing day, every passing hour, people’s usage of the internet and social media,  has been increasing at a higher pace. Thus Digital Marketing is a new field which is under huge progression. Optimization of the search engine has begun to extend rather localizing to the particular area, which has proved to be the best entity for business.
  • People are now surfacing with a whole lot of new ideas which would have sounded crazy initially, but later it turned into a huge brand and the people started it have become millionaires and billionaires in no time like Google, Facebook, Twitter. Thereby it has tremendously increased the living standard individually.
  • People are able to express their views openly and understand other views which help the people to join for a particular cause.The best example, Tamil Nadu, traditional game Jallikkattu was banned, some people started the protest against it, but soon much more joined the protest later with the help of social media, which has pushed the Government to pass an ordinance to lift the ban completely.Social media benefitted during the crisis like “Superstorm Sandy “, which occurred in the US, people used online platform to inform their family about their safety and shared the details of destruction


  • Even the authorities are closely monitoring all online sites, which are helpful for them to get to know the mood of the people, to catch the suspects as well. Cybercrime, which is the latest prevailing concern. But the government has prepared a separate department to closely watch and observe the activities in online. As we know that social media is the voice of the people so it has the capacity to influence the outcome of the political issues.

A coin has two sides, in the same manner, even the social media have two sides so now let's go into the negative side of it.

Social media is a Bane

  • Nowadays people are involved so much in the virtual world of social media they tend to forget about the real world. The valuable personal and face to face interaction, i.e. the social life of the people are weakening. Many a time people spend time talking to people on Facebook than to someone sitting next to them because of which interaction between the family members in their own house has been reduced.

  • People have lots of friends in online media, some of whom they might have never met in real life, i.e. strangers, which in turn may be a threat to some.
  • We all know that the here we can openly give our views, but certain people have misused this social media as their right to abuse and bully another person.

  • Now sharing the location has become a big advantage for the thief and other crime related activities.
  • People spend hours on social media which has a negative impact on their health. Reduction in physical activity affects the health.Prolonged watching, adversely affecting eyes because of the glare from laptop, mobile, tablets etc.
  • Hacking into the personal information creates a real problem nowadays, they fake the Id’s, get bank details, etc.  Some of the fake news has created lots of unrest in the society. The Celebrities are the regular victims of such fake news.
  • Business has also tasted the side effect, consumers can post negative comments which will affect the prospects with the new client even the competitors can spread false news of the company in terms, tarnish the image of the company.
  • Person’s life has become an open book to anyone who is interested in getting the personal information about a  person have become much reachable, in short, a person’s privacy is compromised.

One of the famous Scientists Albert Einstein has told,“ I fear the day when technology will suppress human interaction and the world will have a generation of idiots”.

Every man made invention have their own positive and negative side to it. Let us take a simple example of a knife, which is an essential tool in your household, kitchen, but it can also be used as a lethal weapon to hurt or even kill someone. In the same manner, social media, if used in a properly can be a boon, If not a curse. It all depends upon how we use it and how much information we share.


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