The core to the marketing – Customer Avatar

Here let’s look into the best know secrets of the most successful marketer around the world, without which it’s not able to market your product or services to the right customer.

Without any further delay let’s introduce Customer Avatar. Yes, you read it right customer Avatar is one of the most important factors which will determine the success or failure of your business.

You have a product or service which will solve a specific problem, but in-order to serve the right person you need to know your customer well or else how your going to know which is your ideal customer.

Customer Avatar

What is a Customer Avatar?

A customer avatar is a details information you create of your ideal customer. Here we will not make any assumption or divide into groups because it all about one person only. Here we goes much deeper and collect as much as information that is required to create a buyer persona. This will give marketer the knowledge on how to target them with the best marketing strategy and tools.

So how do we go about collecting the information about our customer avatar is by looking into there demographics and psychographics of the person.

Demographics of a person include age, location, gender, education family size, marital status, annual CTC etc.

Psychographics of the buyer include their interest, like, fear, goal, lifestyle etc.

Another one resource where you can look into your buyer person is their social media, here you get lot of information about them and also you have your educated guess.

Its best to have picture and give a creative name to your avatar so that it will be easier for you and your teammates to remember.

You can include other detail which you think best define your avatar. Deeper you go more knowledge you gain in understanding your avatar.

Is it really necessary to have a customer avatar for your business?

The answer to this question is big YES.

For a business to have a clear picture of who their buyer is will help them build best marketing strategy for their product or services. Once they have the customer avatar it will give in-depth information of there customer so that they know exactly how to deal with them.

My ideal customer Avatar

Before presenting my avatar let me give a brief about our company.  We provide digital marketing services for individual and companies.


Leader Linda has a website which provide information about the pregnancy, parental tips, baby care and also a ecommerce store. Our company provide the entire digital marketing services for her website.

Age: 25 to 35

Gender: Female

Annual Income: 1 lakhs to 20 lakhs

Marital Status: Married

Kids: 1

House: Own

Hobby: Reading, Music

Credit Card: Yes

Laptop: Mac

Car: 1

Vacation: Once a year

These inputs are based on the survey form I have sent out for my friends and my educated guess.

To check my survey form, Click here.


Every first thing any business need is a customer avatar for their business to be successful. Then we can reap the benefit out of marketing technique to the full.


Note: This article is written as part of the digitaldeepak internship program.

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