The Lost Cave - Son Doong

We are the part of this mysterious world. Though we are rising towards the high tech world but we are still unknown to many things. We have discovered various ancient civilization remains yet there are much more to explore. One of those is the cave.

In the year, 2009, at Quang Binh Province, the border of Laos and Vietnam, one of the largest massive lost caves was explored to the world. The name was given as Hang Son Doong or Son Doong Cave depicting “Mountain River in a Cave”.

The discovery of this huge cave was never an actual discovery rather was sudden thoughtless exploration. The story behind the discovery is very interesting. Once a local farmer, Ho Khahn was walking through the wide forest within Phong Nha Bang National park in the province. During such wandering, the forest surface crumbled, the farmer managed to rescue from falling into the deep opening. Thus he could see that within the cavernous mouth vested hidden forest belt. It was sheer luck that the farmer discovered the Lost Cave within the heart of the National Park. It marked absolutely path paved for those daring explorers to find the interiors. This mouthed area was the entrance to the wonder. The initial thoughtless discovery of the cave was done in 1991.

There seemed to be not much of exploration for some years. The roaring sounds and creepy darkness beneath the gaping earth had sent shivers of superstitions among the locals. They seemed to be scared to explore the area further. Thus these prolonged rumors had invited the British Cave research Associations to prepare a journey to this entrance into the mysterious beneath. Thus in the year 2009, members of the association had come with undaunted decision to unfold the mystery.


Finally, a team led by Howard and Deb Limbert in the year initiated the research by descending in the drop. Using trekking equipment like ropes, harnesses, headlamps, they rappelled into the deep cavern. It was eerie silence within and further research claimed that cave was solutionized type i.e. evolved from limestone. The depth of the drop is 260 ft. On further passing through, they came across a 200ft huge calcite wall which they named as “The Great Wall of Vietnam”. This wall did not turn off the adventure further; the bold trekkers paced ahead and revealed the secret of the cavern. According to their research, the cave stretches for 5km, around 650ft wide and has a height of 200ft, which could have fit 40 to 50 storeyed building. The floor and the roof have huge sized stalactites and stalagmites. They found a river which rambled through the entire stretch of the cave. The sound of the river was echoing in the grotto thereby creating uncanny feeling throughout.

Interior of the cave, with stalactites and stalagmites and gigantic walls

Interior of the cave, with stalactites and stalagmites and gigantic walls

The most surprising were the biodiversity which is inside the cave. There is a forest hidden within it. It contains a heavy large stretch of foliage which is a home of unknown species of birds, insects, bats, flying foxes, butterflies, monkeys and much more. Even the trees seem to grow for 100ft displaying that the cave has definitely preserved the ancient diversity of life. The team was hugely under the awe that it was absolutely unbelievable to reveal this hidden past. On further discovery, they found that most of the creatures which thrived within the cave like rare species of fishes, insects and millipedes, suffered from albino and were without sight.

Thick forest glimpse from the interiors of the cave

Thick forest glimpse from the interiors of the cave

Meandering through the river enclosed in the heart of the cavern, they found many prehistoric remains in the form of fossils, claims to be huge and vast in size. It would definitely help the archaeological department to dig in further to disclose the mystery.  The forest also seemed to have separate climate system which provides a unique ability for the unknown species to sustain and grow. It has clouds that rise up which is an absolutely incredible sight. The team said that when the dusk had fallen, they could hear weird sounds which had been terrific experience as well.

Rappelling Adventurers into Son Doong

Rappelling Adventurers into Son Doong

This Lost prehistoric Cave has given a wonderful opportunity for the adventure lovers. The tour company, Oxalis offers expedition to Son Doong Cave for those daring hearts. The unending mystery though explored but yet unexplored. There are much more to be discovered. This cave is one of the sudden discoveries so we can certainly imagine how many would be there in the world which is yet to be unfolded.

Let’s rekindle the hope to explore the world of the millions of years old, within the world, seemingly looking like the fiction movies i.e. Jurassic Park etc.


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