Timeless Eternal Love Stories

On this Valentine’s Day, I would share three beautiful love stories of the past for our lovely readers

Romeo and Juliette

Romeo and Juliette

Romeo and Juliette have become the symbol of pure love. It is a tragic story written by the great William Shakespeare.

The long vendetta between the families of Romeo and Juliette i.e. Montague and Capulet families had led to the end of the lovers. Romeo and Juliette fell in love when Romeo had sneaked in the Capulet ball. Both of the families hated each other. Juliette’s Cousin Tybalt caught Romeo while sneaking. This had outraged the situation that Romeo confronts and kills Tybalt. Thereafter he hid in Juliette chamber and consummate their marriage. Capulet had ordered Juliette to marry Count Paris. She had denied the proposal several times but later agrees but plans to fake her death.  Friar Laurence had lent his hand for helping to unite them both. He gives a sleeping potion which would put her to coma for two and half hours. 

Friar Laurence had lent his hand for helping to unite them both. He gives a sleeping potion which would put her into a coma for two and half hours. Friar also promised to send his servant to inform Romeo to rejoin her after she awakens. On the Wedding Eve, Juliette consumes the drug and superficially laid dead. Unfortunately, the messenger couldn’t inform Romeo but the news of Juliette’s death had shattered him. He buys a poison and visits the grave, where he found Paris mourning. In the wrath of anger, Romeo kills Paris and unaware of the plan, consumes poison and lay dead near the grave. When Juliette awakens she finds Romeo dead. She stabs herself with a dagger and kills herself. The untimely death of the young lovers had united their feuding families.

Pyramus and Thisbe

Pyramus and Thisbe

This is another heart emotive story of the tragic death of sacred lovers. This story is the work of Ovid (Roman poet during Augustus’s rule), in his book, Metamorphoses.

Pyramus and Thisbe loved each other but they belonged to parents who were rivals. They resided in Babylon where houses are connected by common walls. They were neighbors and also childhood friends who grew to become lovers. Their parents were against their marriage. Pyramus and Thisbe had silent whispers of their love through the crevices of their wall. Presumably, they had arranged a meeting before sunrise nearby the fields under the mulberry tree near Ninu’s tomb to express their feelings. 

Thisbe had reached the place early and she waited under the tree. She saw a lion who was wandering in search of water to satisfy his thirst. She was stunned to see the jaws which were bloodstained. In a sudden haste of run, she had dropped the veil and hid near the rocks. The lion strolled and grabbed the veil with his bloody jaws. At that juncture, Pyramus also reached the mulberry tree. He saw the horrible sight where the lion had the Thisbe’s veil in his jaws. Mistakenly he assumes that Thisbe is no more. He was extremely disappointed that he pierces his chest with his sword and ends his life. Unknown to the situation Thisbe was hiding still behind the rocks. After some time she comes out and finds her beloved laid dead. Distressed she also kills herself with the same sword. There is a myth that the color of mulberry was turned white to red due to the blood stain that splashed from the wounds of Pyramus.

Mark Antony and Cleopatra

Mark Antony and Cleopatra

Mark Antony and Cleopatra relation is another tragic love story of William Shakespeare. The enduring adoration of the beautiful couple is written in his works.

Mark Antony had gone for a battle against Octavius at sea. Antony had followed Cleopatra leaving his forces at stake in the Battle of Actium. His immense love had faltered his ways thus he was ashamed of his action. Feeling guilty, he accused Cleopatra of making him a coward due to her passionate love. The battle was a terrific failure, they were defeated. Antony was distressed and alleged Cleopatra for wooing him. Cleopatra did not want to lose Antony, therefore, sought a plan to win his heart again. She had sent a message through a messenger to Antony that she had killed her uttering Antony’s name as her last word. She had enclosed herself in the monument and was waiting for Antony to return. Her plan went all in vain. On hearing that Cleopatra is no more, Antony stabs him feeling that his life is no worth to live. On learning that Antony ended his life for the false news, she too committed suicide by consuming poison of asp. It was the true test of love which existed in their relationship.

I would conclude with a quote of Shakespeare “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind

Happy Lovers Day!!!!!

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