Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t

Synopsis: It is always better to depend on someone we know better than an unknown person.

The devil is the symbol of wickedness and evil. All are afraid of him because we don't know when some danger or problem is going to arise. But when we become familiar with this devil, things will start to smooth out a little bit as we known what the problem or danger will have in our way.

So that we will be prepared better to counter is it. But this is not the case with the devil we don't know because whatever comes in our way will be a surprise and we will be devastated. As it comes unexpectedly, we are not prepared for it and we won’t have anything to counter it. So it is always better to deal with the devil we know than the one we don't.

Throughout our lifetime we will have many people around us in that some will be good and other bad. So sometimes some of this bad people can be like a turned into a devil in our life. In this certain people, we know what we can accept them so this will work to our advantage because we can take necessary precautions against his evil work and thus reduce the danger to some extent.

But an unknown devil will be more dangerous because we do not know what sort of harm he will do to us. We meet with many difficulties in daily life. A danger or difficulty we have already experienced is less frightening than the one we have never known. Since we have already experienced the difficulty beforehand, so we can reduce the intensity next time. But if we face an unknown danger, we become helpless. This is true in the case of people too.

There are people out there who are more dangerous and whom we will have to deal with it. But once we are familiar with their ways, we can adjust ourselves with them. So it is always better to depend on someone whom we know of his faults than the unknown whom we think have fewer faults.

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