Better pay the cook than the doctor

Synopsis: Health is wealth

This is a very important proverb which is related to our day to day life. It says it is much better to pay for a good food than a doctor. Health is the most important thing to a person. If you are healthy there are a lot of advantages to it, like it will give you a boost to your entire life.

Eating an unhealthy and bad food make us weak and prone to diseases.Then we will have no other choice than to consult a doctor. There are people who don't know to cook well which might adversely affect the health so we should be very careful as to what we are eating.

Nowadays in our world, people don’t have time to cook their food and mostly they will opt for fast food, packed food, and other unhealthy beverages. These foods are very tasty to eat and drink but the problem lies in what are all the harmful items they are added to it to get the flavor, color, smell etc. When we consume these on a daily basis, our body will start getting affected negatively and the price we pay for it is very high. So before we eat such things we need to think twice.

In some place when the food doesn’t taste good, we will blame the cook for it but the actual reason may be that the owner is providing them low-quality food materials to cook or the salary paid to them will be very less. Instead of doing this they can provide high standard food material and a good salary to the cook so that they can eat tasty food, get nutritious food and no need to pay to the doctor. So in short if we want health and wealth, we should spend money on nutritious food.

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