East or west, home is the best

Synopsis: Wherever our destiny leads us in life, it’s always our home that is close to our heart.

This proverb is very close to everyone's heart. The native place and their home where they are born and brought up as a  child, are very precious to any person. People will go to different corners of the earth in search of the work in order to earn a good living. Everything over there would be much different from where they had lived before and also they are in the middle of strangers. It is not easy to be comfortable and happy in such an awkward situation.

They will always long to go back to their native place where their near and dear ones are living. For most of us, our native place is the only place where we can truly enjoy peace, love and friendship. It is a common thing in the people mind when they are living in their homeland to go some other places like cities, where they presume to lead a much better living style. They will realize the difference, only when they get settled there. It is actually much difficult to adjust from their own place.

In their earlier days people from the west would come to the east in for its wealth, culture and civilization but today people from the east are going to the west for earning comfortable living and lifestyle. Despite enjoying their comforts when they migrate to either east or west, still, they long to go back to their own native where they truly belong. Thus, as this proverb suggest east or west but home is always the best.

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