All that glitters is not gold

Synopsis: We shouldn’t go with the outward looks because it could be deceiving

We all know that gold ornament will glitter so is the imitation ornament, but we cannot take imitation jewels for the gold because it only gives you the glittering, not the quality and the value. So from this, we can understand that quality is that what matter the most.  We should try to find the reality behind the appearance because outward looks can be deceiving and we should not fall for it because the price we pay for it will be huge.

We can take an example of a businessman. He may live in a bungalow, drive a posh car and wear expensive dresses. Looking at him we may think how lucky he is because of his lifestyle, but in reality, he will be having huge debts and will be struggling with it. His rich look will be a show off to the society nothing more than that.

There are certain people who will be good looking and an attractive face and, but this person will not be good in their heart. But if we try to judge them by their looks and the dress they wear we are deceived. We should not allow this external appearance to be our judging factor about that person. So when we are choosing our friends or anything in our lives we should always give importance to quality over quantity or appearance.

In our modern world, we have to be more cautious about the choice we make in our life because there are lots of imitations around us. So we should be sharp enough to differentiate between gold and imitation. To understand the real value of a person or a thing we have to probe very deep so that we are not cheated.

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