The article is a piece of composition which is based on general interest. The writer should have a clear picture of the topic to be written. The content should have good style and precise in its topic.


#Heading or the topic should be eye catchy and appropriate

#The content should contain 3 paragraphs i.e. Introduction; Main content and conclusion.

# The content in the Introduction should have the only brief of the subject.

#The content in the Main Content should have details with relevant facts, figures, arguments etc.

#The conclusion should seem that which sums up the entire details.

For example

Write an article highlighting the crucial role of mobile phones in day to day life as well as pointing out the difficulties and dangers of using mobiles while driving. You are Nike/Nancy.

                          The Role Mobiles Phones


With technology advancement, mobile has become an inseparable part of everyone’s life. They are used by the young and the old equally.  Now we find the mobile with everyone even common workers, peasants, almost most of the population. Mobile phone thus plays a crucial role by connecting without traveling in the distance; we can send our messages, voice and video call as well as internet connections without any borders. Presently it has become the basic comforter as well as provides a well-secured way to find the whereabouts without much hassle. Mobiles have an essential role every business. It helps in improving business requirements, promotion and marketing as well economical standard.

This convenient tool has its drawbacks too. People have become callous and unruly while using mobile phones. Many fatal accidents have taken place because they talk while driving. Additionally, children and teens loose the maximum amount of time while prolong chatting and viewing mobile phones. Even the notorious criminals misuse it as a useful device to activate their activities even within the jail. Doctors have advised that excessive use of mobile phones could adversely affect their health like eyesight; radiation diseases.

In this fast racing world, we need to keep a pace so that we might not leave the position. Though we find new mobile phone flooding the market swarming large numbers, yet we have to maintain our limits in our use. Even though there are advantages and disadvantages of mobiles, yet we should use it in daily life. Therefore we should use the mobile phones judicially, carefully and optimally.

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