Reporting Writing

A report is generally categorized as factual or analytical. A newspaper report is factual as it describes any event or happening. A business or official report assesses any objective or situation which requires corrective measures. A good report should be formal and effective. It should contain details of 3 questions i.e. When, where and how.


# Heading of the event should be written in bold

#The name of the writer should be written on right side below the heading

#Place and Date of the event is written on left side beginning of the event writing.

#The content should contain all the valuable information about the cause.

#The content should have a proper conclusion.

For example

Write a report as a spectator to the horrible bus accident which occurred near the police station, MG Road, Dadar.

                                A BUS ACCIDENT

Dadar, 10 April 20……. yesterday a severe accident took place near the police station, under the flyover. The police constable was also present at the scene. He revealed that bus had to go for a U-turn. But the pothole in the road caused the imbalance. The driver lost the control of the bus and hit the wall of the police station. The driver’s head hit the steering and he lay unconscious on his seat. Three of its passengers were seriously injured. Fortunately, there were no fatalities. The police arranged an ambulance and sent all of the victims to Sion Hospital. This incident raises a question that is at the fault. It is the Pothole which had caused the mishap. The driver couldn’t be blamed as he was driving too slowly. But police had to register the case against the driver as negligence in driving as it had caused serious injury to the passengers. Now the BMC workers have filled the pothole with immediate effect. But there are much more potholes in the city. Roads are the lifeline of a city. If the potholes are huge in numbers it will cause much more mishaps. We hope that government would take corrective steps to avoid such incidents further.

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